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We are

world makers, 
travelers, pursuers of dreams, 
which we share with anyone 
who is brave enough 
to travel with us. 
A small band of Artisans, 
Bards, Minstrels and Sages. 
Muses, Healers, Seers and Mages 
who have a story to tell. 
The stage is set. 
Mystery, discovery, love, hate, 
defeat and triumph awaits. 
Be brave, kick up your feet, 
rest your bones and 
join us in our travels. 

Blast back into the 1970s, San Francisco, Haight-Ashbury, hippie era. Race against lethal enemies to uncover the clues to an ancient mystery. Escape an army hourde through a wormhole that crosses multiple dimensional planes into a magical universe at war. Encounter breathtaking worlds of Faeries, Elves, Gnomes, and the dangers they face with Dragons, Goblins and monsters unimagined. Take a risk! Even if you return back to the place that you began, it is impossible to remain unchanged.

Two Friends

One Vision

L.L. Templar and Eliah Brave

in Their Human Glamours

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